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Self Introduction; Michael Koziarski

Full Legal Name: Michael Alan Koziarski

Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Profession: Software Engineer
Company: A Retail bank

My Goals in the Fedora Project:

There are hundreds of excellent but lightly used libraries available for software development under linux. My goal is to package these libraries so that software developers, both commercial and open source, have a wide range of options available.

The lower the barrier to entry is the more people can participate, the more people participating, the better.

I'm not really a packaging expert, so while I'm willing to help with QA, I fear I may be more trouble than I'm worth.

Historical Qualifications:

I've helped out with the LyX document processor in the past, contributing the odd patch, I also ran their bugzilla installation for a while.

I'm familiar with a variety of languages. Currently I'm paid to program Java, but I love using python and/or C++

Why should you trust me? .... Up to you really. (yes, this question may be a little blunt)

GPG Key Fingerprint:

1024D/4743E9E9 2003-10-05 Michael A. Koziarski <michael koziarski org>
Key fingerprint = B77A 1053 C228 08D9 0866  5D60 39FF 0BD3 4743 E9E9



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