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Re: Installing from software RAID0?

On Thu, 2003-11-13 at 11:21, Chris Adams wrote:
> Once upon a time, Jeremy Katz <katzj redhat com> said:
> > Due to space limitations, you can only do hard drive installs from
> > things that are simple (ie raw hard drives, ext[23] or vfat
> > filesystems).  
> I guess you mean space limitations in the first stage installer (since
> the second stage does know RAID and can scan them for existing
> installations)?


> It has been mentioned as a possiblity that floppy boot may go away
> because the kernel won't fit (due to ACPI).  With a CD boot, the first
> stage could be larger (and presumably smarter); any chance of support
> for more complex hard drive installs then?

Maybe.  It's not high on my list of things to consider, though, as hard
drive installs are very uncommon from all the data that I have.  



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