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Re: Proposals for the Updates Testing Procedure

Warren Togami wrote:

>* Time-limit to publish where no negative comments are posted >within
the Bugzilla report. Senior developers reserve the right to >hold an
update if a good technical reason can be stated. (Insert >more details

I'm not going to weigh in on whether or not a countdown for a move from
testing to release is a good idea or not. But if a clock is started it
would be nice to know if there will be a way for community testers to
not only abort the countdown by finding regressions in the test packages
but also a way to accelerate the timetable if the fix in testing is
'important' and community members want to do what is in their power to
get the package out of testing as quickly as possible so it can be

Starting a clock...does not, on the face of things, encourage active
testing by the community...since if people wait for the clock to expire,
the testing package gets released if no regressions are found. No
testing...no regressions.  And of course not having a clock, could mean,
that good packages will linger in testing even though they are
reasonably well crafted updates.

-jef"just give me a policy that i can beat people over the head

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