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Re: Some fedora devel inconsistencies...

> > known as broked.
> Well this was just a way of venting my frustration after going through a
> long list of available updates to remove the python bits so yum actually
> accepts to update the system (man do I feel restrained).

Then don't use yum. problem solved.

> The silly program won't update unrelated stuff like bash & vim just
> because of those errors (ok I'll say it - apt is smarter. I'd return to
> it except all the directory shuffling seems to have killed the apted
> rawhide mirrors I knew of before)

You're right - if you specify 'yum update' and something fails, it won't
run the update. That's behavior that, to me, protects the user from
stupid stupid shite. I don't think holding back updates that have been
requested b/c others fail is correct or safe behavior.

Again, if you don't want to use yum, then don't. I have no problem with
that. I think there are lots of people out there who know that I've been
working quite hard to make sure that repositories are not bound up for
any one updater or pkg management tool.


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