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Re: Some fedora devel inconsistencies...

Le jeu 13/11/2003 à 21:46, seth vidal a écrit :

> > The silly program won't update unrelated stuff like bash & vim just
> > because of those errors (ok I'll say it - apt is smarter. I'd return to
> > it except all the directory shuffling seems to have killed the apted
> > rawhide mirrors I knew of before)
> You're right - if you specify 'yum update' and something fails, it won't
> run the update. That's behavior that, to me, protects the user from
> stupid stupid shite.

Well, on rawhide there is always something broken:(
So no update ever ?

Say you have an experimental repo in your setup, it only has to break
to  stop all security updates ? (even on a stupid error like the artwork
one ?)

> Again, if you don't want to use yum, then don't. I have no problem with
> that. I think there are lots of people out there who know that I've been
> working quite hard to make sure that repositories are not bound up for
> any one updater or pkg management tool.

Hey, I know and I respect that. Why do you think I'm spending a lot of
*my* time to learn to use yet another update manager ? I knew yum
wouldn't like rawhide, but yum is the single free  update manager
rawhide supports now, so...

I don't expect yum to do miracles and update when dependencies are not
satisfied. Blocking on unrelated packages dep errors OTOH is a bit
excessive IMHO.

But again, you are free to disagree:)

Nicolas Mailhot

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