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Re: ia64 kernel?

Erich Focht (efocht hpce nec com) said: 
> does anybody care currently about the ia64 kernel? Why is the version
> so old (2.4.9)?

rawhide has an inheritance system when we build trees; it pulls packages
from the current tree, and then it goes back and finds any packages
from earlier trees that should be included (i.e., if they haven't been
built for the current tree.) That 2.4.9 ia64 kernel is the most recent
one there (and it's *several* trees old... i.e., 7.2 timeframe.)

> I could contribute from time to time but who is
> managing this and what is the policy (features to include, testing,
> etc...).

Frankly, I'd expect ia64 to be more useful starting with the FC2
development cycle; we're trying to stick as close to upstream as
possible with a single source base for all of our kernels; for ia64,
that's *much* easier to accomplish with 2.6 than with 2.4. (At least,
it was the last time I was dinking with the ia64 kernel.)


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