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Testing Updates RFC

Jeff Spatula and I spoke on IRC last night, and brainstormed up an idea 
for these Testing Updates.

We need to develop a System Verification Test Suite, that will do some 
generic tests to ensure functionality of some core components of the 
system.  I do believe such tests exist for build verification.  This 
framework can be used so that the developer of a given package 
errata(or update) can provide a smallish test case with the proposed 
update.  These test cases should be scriptable, possibly attached to 
the bugzilla entry for the update.  When the announcement is made that 
there is a new testing update, the end user could then install the 
update and run the test script which checks for functionality, and 
anti-regression.  We felt that if test cases were provided, many more 
people would be willing to A) test the package, and B) provide 
releveant test data.  The biggest part about testing an update is 
getting it on as many different hardware sets as possible.  Anything to 
make this easier is a Good Thing(tm).

Anyhow, I know this RFC is horribly structured, but I would like to get 
some feedback on this idea.

Jesse Keating RHCE MCSE (geek.j2solutions.net)
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