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Self introduction: Malcolm Smith

1. Full Legal Name

Malcolm James Smith

2. Country, City

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

3. Profession or Student status

Student; full-time Law, to be precise...

4. Company or School

Have graduated from IT in 2002 from RMIT University (http://www.rmit.edu.au/); halfway through my Law degree at the University of Melbourne (http://www.unimelb.edu.au/), so still fulltime student.  Over the summer break I'm working on a Jabber project at Monash University (http://www.monash.edu.au/).

5. My goals in the project

My goals would be to ensure a wide-variety of prepackaged non-core software; I tend to maintain a lot of RPMs for whatever platform I use internally, and I'm I'm maintaining an RPM for Fedora Core 1 then other users may as well have access to it as well.  For example, BOCHS, fvwm and subversion.  This of course includes (some of) my own software (http://freshmeat.net/~malxau/ , http://yallara.cs.rmit.edu.au/~malsmith/).

QA - of course :)

Anything else special?  Depends what you need me to do...

6. Historical qualifications

Well, apart from my own software listed above, not much.  You can find me lurking on computing.net or making the occasional post to lkml, or working on any project where I can be of assistance.  I've had peripheral involvement with a few projects (koffice, kernel, wine) but don't have any 'hard' contributions as yet :(

Computer languages and skills - I always gravitate back to C and C++.  And I know them fairly well, although don't push C++'s advanced features coz it makes code messy...

Why should you trust me?  Because I haven't crossed you ;).  It's really hard to say why somebody should trust you - I have my software, it's on my website, and there are no trojans in it!  I do try to get things right, and when I don't, it's a bug.

7. GPG stuff

(Apologies for haxoring the email addy)

pub  1024D/17E1963B 2003-11-16 Malcolm Smith (malx) <malcolms smurf ugrad dotty unimelb dot edu dotty au>
     Key fingerprint = 5DDA 57B3 1175 13E0 6073  C48C 3DD1 1541 17E1 963B
sub  1024g/75548FBF 2003-11-16

Malcolm Smith BAppSci(IT)
Undergraduate LLB Student

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