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Vic^H^Holunteers needed for updated SATA code testing


Due to popular demand on #fedora-devel, I merged the latest libata code to
the FC1 kernel. This is basically identical to 2.4.22-bk53-libata1.patch.gz,
except for two PCI id's added to sata_promise (0x3376 and 0x3378) and
&current->sigmask_lock -> &current->sighand->siglock in libata-core.c.

Pre-built RPMS + the patches I used (linux-2.4.22-libata.patch
and linux-2.4.22-intel-esb-drivers.patch) can be found from
http://www.ee.oulu.fi/~pp/fc1-libata (sorry, no yum support :-) )

Please test it out and if it works like it should, I'll file a RFE in
bugzilla to get this merged. 

Open questions:

- Did I break anything? (the amount of changes in header files I merged from
  2.4.22-bk to fc1 like scsi.h were a bit worrying...) Promise 376 + athlon
  works ok, and it did compile, so I decided to ship it :-)
- Is the Promise 378 PCI id 0x3378 and does the code work on one?
- driver disk or boot.iso that would let people install FC1 on SATA-only

Pekka Pietikainen

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