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External firewire disk curruption on reads under FC1...

Well, I am not a developer, but I thought this is an appropriate question on 
this list.

I was just wondering whether anybody had seen disk corruptions under FC1 with 
external firewire hard drives. I have tried it on three different machines now 
with the FC1 kernel and it happens every time after some heavy read operations 
on the drive. I did not see any corruption under the Red Hat 9 kernel on any 
of those machines. I can write data from the workstations to the firewire 
drive without a problem, but when I rsync back (particularly with large files) 
or if I try to install rpms from the firewire drive onto the workstation, I 
get massive disk corruption on the firewire drive, which totally trashes the 
drive, the ext3 filesystem journal is destroyed in the process and e2fsck 
reports massive errors on files where previous read operations occured. I 
would be willing to do some more testing if I get some instructions on how to 
diagnose it...


Jochen Weiss
Assistant Professor, Food Biophysics 
2605 River Road, Knoxville, TN 37996

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