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Self-Introduction: Ryan Tomayko

Ryan D. Tomayko
US, Columbus, OH
Senior Software Developer (Professionally) / Hobbyist
Sterling Commerce (Not related to/sponsoring fedora contributions)


Q: Which packages do you want to see published?
A: python libraries, rss/blogging software (gnome-blog,pyblosxom),
MozillaFirebird themes/extensions, recent versions of rdesktop, fluxbox,
autocutsel, ccxstream..

Q: Do you want to do QA?
A: Not exclusively but sure I would be willing to pull packages from the
QA queue on fedora.us and check against packaging guidelines.

Q: Anything else special?
A: I'm just hoping to contribute in anyway possible to the
process/people in which I have already benefited beyond repay.


Q: What other projects have you worked on in the past?
A: OSS/FS - pixi (XInclude processor in Java), misc patches here and
there to other OSS/FS projects, Yum.
   Proprietary -  Java B2B Messaging and EAI Apps that no one will care
about. :/

Q: What computer languages and other skills do you know?
A: C, C++, Python, Java, Perl, bash. X{ML,SLT,Path}

Q: Why should we trust you?
A: Eh.. I guess that's a tough one. I guess I'm hoping to build trust as
described in the fedora.us /Package Submission QAPolicy/. Excerpt
follows. Is this sufficient or is there some standard method of
asserting one's trustworthiness that I'm not aware of?

"GPG clearsigned messages that give good advice can all be traced back
to your GPG key and accumulate over time. This process allows new
developers to gain trust through technical correctness and hard work
over a period of time, eventually being able to prove to the community
that the developer can be trusted."


$ gpg --fingerprint 2096A276
pub  1024D/2096A276 2003-11-16 Ryan Tomayko <rtomayko naeblis cx>
     Key fingerprint = 4D30 D735 D003 9AD6 1E9D  E666 9D57 D6F0 2096
sub  1024g/0BC45896 2003-11-16

- Ryan

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