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Re: tools or scripts for release engineering?


That's something I'm interesting in reading as well. In addition, I'm looking forward to replicating, at home, whichever auto-build-from-CVS strategy Fedora chooses. My own system is okay, but it's small-time, it's got a whack of limitations and the workaround for them aren't pretty at all.

I'm not sure of the license on our RPM-CVS add-on tools are, so I've hesitated on suggesting that (who's a python guru here?) for the collective. I almost wish I could get my hands on the release engineering routine one we used to use for work, but I'm sure that work would clamp some serious legal ain't-gonna-happen docs on it.

Ideally, I'd love to see changes CVS building Rawhide packages, as well as a valid, installable update CD, maybe weekly. It was a goal we had at work for the longest time, spearheaded by Mr Terpstra himself for a while, too, even, but it lost the race.


But yeah, put my name down for any private responses to Eric's question. I want to be on the CC list to that stuff.

- bish

Eric Smith wrote:
Are there any tools or scripts for Fedora Core release engineering?
In other words, the stuff that takes a big collection of SRPMS, and
results in the ISO images?

Failing that, is there some documentation on how it is done?

I'm sure that with enough trial and error I could eventually come close
to duplicating the way it's done officially, but if there are tools
and/or docs, it's obviously much easier.

Eric Smith

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