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Re: Self-Introduction: Steven Pritchard

To Steven and all others who wrote a Self-Introduction as described in the Package Submission and QA Policy:


Steven Pritchard wrote:

The main thing I'd like to do is clear out my personal apt repository.
Currently I have around 50 packages, although admittedly some
disturbing percentage of that is stuff from CPAN.  :-)

fedora.us QA queue is in need of qualified perl people in order to push through several existing packages. Your help would be greatly appreciated there.

It looks like a few of the things I have packaged are already on fedora.us, and a few more are already in the QA queue, so I would imagine I could do some QA after I get another box or two upgraded.

Anything that exists in both fedora.us or fedora.us QA and your personal apt repository, please file reports for each package about any improvements to the existing fedora.us submitted package. If you feel that your package is far superior in every way, then submit your package as a replacement for the existing package and state reasons.

Thank you for your interest to do QA, since that is what we really need as we are approaching 300 packages in the QA queue. =|

Some of the more interesting packages in my repository include amavis-ng, clamav, courier-imap, kernel-hostap-driver, perl-HTML-Mason, and perl-Tk.

Is hostap for prism2 chips? If so I am very excited.
clamav is currently in QA queue and we would really appreciate your suggestions on that package.

Warren Togami
warren togami com

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