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Re: openoffice.org missing .jar classes

Dan Williams wrote:

What I'm looking at is a good way to perhaps _build_ with Java here, but
allow OOo to run on non-Java-enabled systems and Java-enabled systems at
the same time.  That's not exactly easy though.

The OOo build require the jvm setup, but will work without java. This should be doable.

For the time being, if you'd like to use Java, I'd suggest grabbing the
SRPM and removing the "--disable-java" from the ./configure options, and
also commenting out all the "handle-no-solar-java" patches.

This should be a rpm switch that pathes and add --disable-java to configure, or doesn't patch and leaves java enabled.

Better still would be autodetection of the require java for building, and building correctly for a given system.

Once a java capable build is there, post-install and or the OOo-setup, should check for JVM and configure it. This detection starts to get tricky, so perhaps use a system wide "default JVM" setting, say in /etc/sysconfig.

Fo now though, building with java, and at least allowing users to run jvmsetup (renamed as ooo-jvm-setup?) would be a good start. Trying to get the OOo builds to integrate with the Red Hat builds is a mess.


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