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Possible Project: CVS account manager

If there are any volunteers out there looking for a project, there's a
need for a set of CVS account management scripts to be written.

These scripts, and the accompanying database, would make it easy to do 
things such as the following:
	. Store information on contributors such as account name,
	real name, e-mail address, ssh key, gpg key, account status,
	comments, etc.

	. Allow anyone to submit new account requests

	. Allow authenticated contributors to change info
	such as their e-mail address.

	. Allow authenticated administrators to manage accounts, including
	approving pending accounts, disabling inactive ones, and viewing

	. Update the CVS repository to reflect account database 

If all this sounds complicated, it's not. Realistically, it's three
scripts to handle user interface, admin interface, and repository
maintenance. postgresql is likely to be the DB. An implementation in
python would be optimal, but the first priority is something that works.
The most important thing is to make this system useful for the Fedora CVS
repository, but it should be generic enough to be used by other projects.  
The trick is making it nice and polished so that it will save a lot of
work in the future.

Of course, if anyone knows of a system that already does this type of 
stuff, I'd be glad to hear about it!
-- Elliot

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