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Re: openoffice.org missing .jar classes

Am Mo, den 17.11.2003 schrieb Dan Williams um 16:09:
> Hi,


> You don't :)  Well, that's not completely true.
> First, the issue of missing Java.  We do not build OOo with Java
> enabled, because we cannot distribute a JVM with Fedora.  

But isn't it possible to make it user selectable like the original
OO-installer does? Or just put the Java-things into another package
which is not installed by default an gives a warning that it needs an
installed JVM or somthing like this. I understand that it isn't possible
to have a JVM in fedora but I think many people are interested in the
java-facilities of OO me included.

> What I'm looking at is a good way to perhaps _build_ with Java here, but
> allow OOo to run on non-Java-enabled systems and Java-enabled systems at
> the same time.  That's not exactly easy though.

But doesn't the original-installer allow you to enable the Java-Support
at installation-time and not at compiletime?

> For the time being, if you'd like to use Java, I'd suggest grabbing the
> SRPM and removing the "--disable-java" from the ./configure options, and
> also commenting out all the "handle-no-solar-java" patches.

How long does it take and how much diskspace am I needing to build an OO
that way?

> Dan


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