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Re: Self-Introduction: Steven Pritchard

kdebisschop alert infoplease com (Karl DeBisschop) writes:

>> > clamav is currently in QA queue and we would really appreciate your
>> > suggestions on that package.
> I'd like to look at that as well, but being very new to Fedora I'm not
> finding the 'QA Queue'

This can be found at http://fedora.us -> 'Enter (the old)...homepage' ->
'QA Priority Queue' (right side, under 'Package Development')

> or any proposed clamav SRMS.


> Sorry for the newbie question, but can someone give me a link to where
> these are, or more generally how the QA process will work?

The fedora.us wiki should answer this question, interesting might by

                       ("QA Testing Procedure"),

You can look at old bugreports also ("PUBLISH Queue"), to see examples
of the QA process.


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