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Self-Introduction: Mike Petullo

Hello everyone.  I'm Mike Petullo.  I've been on this list for a while
but am just getting around to attempting to submit packages.

I'm from the U.S.A. and currently a resident of Park Ridge (just north
of Chicago).  I am currently transitioning out of the U.S. Army and
hoping to get into a graduate program to earn a M.S. in computer science.
I have a B.S. in computer science that I earned at Drake University.

My goals in the Fedora Project revolve around the GNOME
desktop and security.  In the near future, I would like to see my
pam_mount (http://www.flyn.org/projects/pam_mount) package included
in Fedora.  I'd also like to work on adding encrypted root filesystem
support to anaconda for use on laptops.  I also hope to contribute to
GNOME usability.  As more of a long-term project, I would like to see
an intrusion detection system that is somewhat integrated into Fedora's
package management system.

I've contributed small patches to several free software projects in
the past (see http://www.flyn.org if interested).  I wrote the code that
added QuickTime support to xawtv's command line video capture tool.

I work mostly in C but also know python, scheme and some other languages.
I really think XSLT is cool (but the syntax tends to be long-winded).
I've been using Linux since 1997.

You should trust me because I have a security clearance from the
Department of Defense (or maybe that means you should /not/ trust me,
depending on your politics!).

Here is some of my GPG info:

pub  1024D/AEE7BAAA 2003-11-18 W. Michael Petullo (flyn) <mike flyn org>
     Key fingerprint = C929 DE01 E466 3271 09EE  F3B1 7CE5 4745 AEE7 BAAA
sub  2048g/A31771FD 2003-11-18 [expires: 2004-05-16]

Okay, enough about me, geez!



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