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ATI radeon 9600 Pro / willing to test and report

Hi, I've just installed Fedora Core 1 on my new machine wich has
an ATI Radeon 9600 Pro. All I've got is a 640x480 resolution
with the vesa driver on my Hyundai Q17 LCD 17" (1280x1024) but it's
working :). I tried the generic radeon, it gets the right
resolution but it freezes the machine after a few seconds.

I've run up2date to get a few packages, if some newer
xfree fedora packages are available which supports my graphic card (2D
is good enough for me), what should I do to access them? (I would
be delighted to use a GUI for that, but editing config file is ok too

Just a small note: most of GUI tools are unusable at 640x480
since you cannot access the buttons at the bottom of the window,
sometimes even after a resize. I don't know if the GUI guidelines
say something about supporting 640x480.

Thanks in advance,


Ps: I'm posting here because Mike Harris suggested this list
in his message "Newer ATI Radeon, ATI FireGL, and Nvidia GeForce/Quadro
hardware support" on Oct 21, sorry if this is the wrong list.

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