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Re: [Fwd: [Bug 23679] NTLM auth for HTTP]

You know, I would like to roll out something like a kerb option. I do not actually have control over our network, I am a web developer. We have about 500+ employees and a network admin with a Microsoft Koolaid maker at his desk.

Where are some good docs for setting up kerberos?

Carwyn Edwards wrote:
Kreg Steppe wrote:

Damn Straight! I am so ready for this. I run our Intranet, and I have IIS (yuk) running it, just so there is a transparent login for our users. I personaly dont care if it asks for my username and password, as long as I can be on one box and work.

The other option for single sign on is something like:


We've deployed this into a kerberised infrastructure here with very few problems (works like a treat with bugzilla). No IIS in sight :-)


Carwyn Edwards
Computing Officer
School of Informatics
University of Edinburgh

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