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Re: openoffice.org missing .jar classes

Dan Williams wrote:
to be proven wrong because that would make my job easier).  If you build
with Java and run on a non-Java system, I'm not quite sure what happens,
but I'm looking into that and I'll have answers tomorrow.  We may be
linking against some stuff on Linux (like the berkeleydb libdb-java)
that won't be available on a non-java system, and therefore segfaults
OOo when it can't be found.

If so it's a build bug. I've used the OOo builds on Solaris, HP-UX, and Linux without problems. None of them had Java setup for OOo. Until you tell OOo where the JRE is installled it cannot use it, evidenced best on the Solaris system where There are 3 different JRE's but non are in default locations.

Oh, about 6GB for all language packs, and about 4 hours on a dual Xeon
2.4Ghz with 1GB of RAM.  Don't try this on a Celeron or anything less
than a PII 400.

And a huge amount of RAM. I tried it on a 256M, Athlon 800, and it took more than 8 hours. The 333 Ultra 10 took days.


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