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Re: FC2, 2.6 vs 2.4

moving to devel

Jeremy Katz wrote:

> at this point ;-), it is impossible to take advantage of all of the
> benefits that you get with 2.6 and still leave a 2.4.x kernel.  Not to

I understand RH wants to do a 2.6 distribution _soon_, because there are
lot of new features necessary for enterprises, RHEL 4.But I would like
to see a backup 2.4 kernel. Because it's certainly impossible
that first 2.6.x releases brings all features/stability/security/...
that 2.4 gets today.

> mention the question of how do you present this to the user.

It is not necessary a install option, it's enough to place the packages
on a CD dir.

> The right answer is to get 2.6.x to where it doesn't cause FC2 to be "a
> lame distribution" by getting it tested and stabilized :-)

lame distribution becase the kernel is lame. Today kernel TODO list is not
very small.
HTML mails are going to trash automagically

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