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I was pretty impressed with the new redhat-config-netboot configurator
which was included with fedora, but when starting to create my diskless
images, I could not stop thinking about how suboptimal it is to let
anaconda optimize a installation for a spesific computer, and then use
that installation as an image for other diskless clients!

Would it be possible to let the anaconda guided install to make an
generic install into a directory or something? 
By generic install i mean an install with no or little hw config set by
kudzu per default, Xconfigurator part be run at firstboot instead of in
the installation (hmm has it been moved to firstboot allready?, can't
remember ;), and offcourse support kickstart install as of today, so an
administrator can choose what he knows about the computer base, and what
he (or the user) can/should do at the computer itself.

I also noticed that when using an redhat-config-netboot setup image,
there seems to be problems with things like running kudzu, and that
/dev/ptr seems to be mounted several times and so on. Is this normal, or
is this just my image which is screwed? (or is redhat-config-netboot
actually very beta as of now?)

Well anyway, I really thinks fedora has become a pretty nice distro, and
a big thankyou to the peoples who has created redhat-config-netboot,
kudzu, and the anaconda installer. It really makes my life alot easier!


Kjetil Mikkelborg.

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