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Fedora.us QA Queue

Hey guys,

The fedora.us QA queue is very full right now.  This potentially could
discourage potential packagers as their shiny new packages languish on the
queue.  While obviously the ideal solution is hundreds of skilled &
qualified QA people, the reality is that the numbers are lacking here.

I'd like to propose a modification to the package submission procedure.

The current system is:

1) New package submitted
2) QA

With the QA step, naturally, taking the longest.  In order to keep the QA
queue relatively clean,  I'd like to see some kind of pre-QA keyword.

What I'm envisioning here is a step to rule out packages that:

1) Don't build/install cleanly on the supported distributions
2) Sources can't be verified against upstream
3) Crash, print warnings or don't work when they are installed
4) Are duplicates
6) etc.

By ruling out such simple errors the talented QA people can focus on
things like packaging standards, spec file errors and other such
complicated things.  Whereas the enthusiastic-but-not-quite-there people
(myself included) can help with the simpler errors.

Also, by staying in the bug's CC throughout its submission process, the
pre-QA team will see the kind of errors that they're missing and will
slowly but surely make the transition to Fully Fledged QA.

Comments?  Flames?



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