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Re: upgrading RH 9 system->Fedora with iso files and apt only


Do you have the time to write out a mini-howto on that? I have a feeling that your instruction can help a few people following in your footsteps, and who may not have the opportunity to figure out a working solution by themselves.

Me, I need one that can reliably do it from 5000km away. It'll be loop-mounted ISOs, apt-get and similar craziness, I think. Or I need to book a flight. 8-) Either way, I'm not the target audience, but I'm close. ACME cl says that CL can do it with just apt-get, and that's incredibly interesting.

- bish

Klaasjan Brand wrote:

On Fri, 2003-11-21 at 10:02, Didier Casse wrote:

I have the yarrow's iso files on my HD in a RH9 system. Let's say I want
to upgrade selected packages using an "apt-get install" pointing to my
iso-mounted files, how do I do it?

i.e I mount the iso into some /mnt/yarrow1, /mnt/yarrow 2 etc..

Then what is the complete procedure to make my apt look into my own HD to
upgrade packages. Can anybody redirect me to the correct
resource or some literature hanging on the web? Thanks.

Assume also that I do not wish to burn CDs! I do not want to use
apt-cdrom. Thanks.

I just updated a RH9 system to FC1 by writing the bootdisk image to a
floppy and directing the installer to the hd partition containing the
iso's. It's working fine now...

I'm not sure, but maybe grub can boot those disk images as well?

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