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Re: Possible Project: CVS account manager

Jaap A. Haitsma wrote:

Tom Tromey wrote:
"Alexandre" == Alexandre Oliva <aoliva redhat com> writes:
If there are any volunteers out there looking for a project, there's a
need for a set of CVS account management scripts to be written.
Alexandre> Talk to overseers sources redhat com, I believe we already
Alexandre> have this all in place there.

Not really.  The code on sources is really primitive.  I wouldn't
recommend it.

But doesn't SourceForge/gForge already do a lot of what is needed

You guys probably know this, but just in case. You could use the savannah software (a further development of an older open source version of sourceforge) if you want to host everything yourself.


I'm sure the recommendation is appreciated, but I'm curious: what does savannah offer the gforge doesn't? I'm sure you know the difference, but folks who don't know one from the other may not, and could really benefit from a description. The research experience that led to your recommendation of Savannah could really be a great big help here.

I hear, for instance, that gforge is maintained by a very recently ex-sourceforge developer, which says a lot to me about potential code quality and avoidance of pitfalls or some nasty code that may be lurking in the SF codebase that's been fixed in gforge.


- bish

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