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Re: dhcrelay and ipsec

On Sun, 2003-11-23 at 10:56, Christians, Stefan Mr. wrote:
> To the developers maintaining the dhcp packages,
> Could you please keep following in mind when packaging dhcp for FC2,
> though we are not sure whether they will still be issues with the 2.6
> kernel:
> We had two issues running dhcrelay on an IPSEC VPN-gateway (RHL8 with
> FreeS/wan):
> 1) We had to change the startup priority in dhcrelay's init script to
> 98. We do not remember exactly why we did that, but think the problem
> was that the ipsec interface was not up yet at the time of the default
> 66 startup priority.
> 2) We had to recompile with USE_SOCKETS defined in includes/sites.h for
> dhcrelay to work over a virtual ipsec interface.
> We would be very happy and pleased if dhcrelay through ipsec VPNs would
> work out-of-the-box in FC2 :)

If you don't want these suggestions to fall off the face of the earth,
you need to open a bugzilla against the package.


Chris Kloiber
Red Hat, Inc.

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