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Re: little patch for kallsyms (kernel2.6) (package : initscripts)

On Nov 24, 2003, Philip Van Hoof <spamfrommailing freax org> wrote:

> My proposal would be to create kernel-dependant parts of the scripts in
> folders like

I doubt this would scale.

case `uname -r` in
2.4.* | 2.5.[0-9]-* | 2.5.[1-2][0-9]-* | 2.5.3[0-4]-*) do something ;;
2.5.* | 2.6.*) do something else ;;

seems to give far more flexibility in case changes are introduced in
minor versions, which is quite common in unstable releases, and not
entirely unheard-of in a stable series.  So, this solution looks far
more workable to me.  Version numbers above are entirely random; no
implication whatsoever is to be derived from them.  I don't even know
whether the 2.5 series got as far as 35 :-)

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