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Re: kudzu won't update modprobe.conf

lupus (de_lupus pandora be) said: 
> kernel 2.6 uses /etc/modprobe.conf
> kernel 2.4 uses /etc/modules.conf
> I installed kernel 2.6-test9 next to my kernel 2.4.22 (fedora core 1),
> but when I boot kernel 2.6 Kudzu won't edit modprobe.conf because
> /etc/sysconfig/hwconf hasn't changed.

It only updates the one for the running kernel.

> Isn't it possible to use /etc/sysconfig/hwconf for 2.4.22 and
> /sysconf/hwconf26 for kernel2.6, then kudzu can correctly detect
> hardware and configure modprobe.conf and modules.conf depending on 
> what kernel I boot?

That really doesn't make sense. The hwconf file doesn't
change depending on which kernel you boot.

> After I removed hwconf and booted with kernel 2.6 he configured 
> modprobe.conf correctly. But still my bttv and audio don't work.
> Witch package/programme normally modprobes them?

Normally, they should be loaded by opening the proper v4l devices;
i.e., there's an alias for char-major-81, and then whatever app
opens the device will cause it to get loaded.


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