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SiI3x12A Fedora Core Install

So I got this mondo hammer (athlon64) machine, but it has only a SATA drive. Prior to procuring said machine, I made sure I could find some sort of statement of support, some vague, for each component. Well poop, the Fedora Core install process does not recognize the SATA controller, which is a Silicon Image SiI 3x12. There does not seem to be a "legacy" emulation option in the bios. The vendor only supplies the driver compiled into a 2.4.18 binary distro and a promise for inclusion in 2.6. After much searching I came across:
These drivers claim support for the SiI3x12A controller. Before I go and try to use them, can someone give me some direction as to how to do so with the install process. Any other *useful* info would be appreciated.



ssh aron rubinium org cat /dev/brain | grep ^work:

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