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evolution problems (filters)


I've been having numerous problems with evolutions mail filters, and I
was wondering if anyone else has had any problems with them.

A couple of examples.  I post to large mailing lists often, and so I get
a lot of returned mail sometimes.  I setup a filter to put returned mail
in a folder named return mail.  The filter is setup like this:

if any criteria are met:
Sender -> sounds like -> MAILER-DAEMON
Subject -> contains -> delivery failure
Subject -> contains -> undeliverable
Subject -> contains -> delivery status notification
Move to Folder -> Returned Mail

Seems simple enough right?  It works like a charm except all mail from
Dave Jones (davej redhat com) ends up in Returned Mail.  This despite
the fact the mail is coming from different mailing lists all of which
rules are above returned mail in the filters list.  This is very strange
because I get hundreds of messages a day and his e-mails are the only
ones that do it.  There is nothing remotely like MAILER-DAEMON in his
mail headers so this is odd.

Another problem is duplicating messages.  For example, I subscribe to
the Linux Kernel Mailing list.  I have two filters for it, one that just
moves all mail with the Mailing-List header linux-kernel to a
linux-kernel folder.  I filter certain people to a folder called trusted
(for instance messages from Linus and Andrew so I can see when new test
kernels are released).  Evolution thinks its funny, to often times not
put people's messages who should be going into trusted into linux-kernel
(the trusted rule is above linux-kernel in the filter list), and not
only this but sometime it copies the persons message into BOTH folders,
and I've checked and rechecked and even gone over my filters.xml with a
fine tooth comb, there are no logic errors in the filtering setup, so
these have to be evolution bugs, right?

I want to make sure these are bugs in evolution and not my own logic
before I put anything on Bugzilla.  Any thoughts?


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