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Translation project -- Catalan


  I have recently joined Fedora's translation project, and would like to
start working on the translation to the Catalan language.

  I hope I am not posting to the wrong list (should I post at
i18n redhat com?), if I do, please tell me and accept my apologies :)

  I have some questions: I've got CVS access, checked out "translate"
module, and reviewed. Now, Catalan is a new language (there is no ca.po
for any application), so to start with anaconda, for instance, I created
it using msginit like this:

$ msginit --locale=ca -i anaconda.pot

Is that how you would normally do it?

Then, once the file is translated, do I have rights to commit (and thus
add a new file) into the repository, or is there someone coordinating
the translation efforts that should do it? Shall I file a RFE requesting
the addition of a new language, maybe?

If it exists a FAQ or documentation about this, let me know!


P.S.: If there are subscribers here that would like to help to translate
Fedora into catalan, we're going to coordinate from
http://www.softcatala.org/llistes/ (list "Fedora").

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