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Re: FC2 and general LDAP Support


Whats wrong with the home users? You can bind the ldap server only to the localhost device. And if all the command line tools are customized for that, it would not make any changes for the home users. They can just create, modify and delete users as the normal passwd database. But it would get many advantages for the professional users and the network administrators. Think about all the other "operating systems" which have user directory support. There are many other possibilities for future releases such as saving the bind (DNS) structure inside the ldap, hosting the printers information from cups in the ldap, mail routing information for postfix and courier etc. This main ldap infrastructure would be a big improvement to the distribution. And there are many other daemons which running on a "normal" system, one more whould doesn't matter.


Ralph Angenendt schrieb:

Roland Käser wrote:

Hi all

What about moving the user database to LDAP for the FC2 release?

In general? Yikes! There's home users using Fedora, why throw LDAP unto them - there's another daemon which has to run and be secured.


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