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Re: SMP i586?

On Tue, 2003-11-25 at 18:45, Alan Cox wrote:
> > > because it never was really popular for i586 (and didn't perform that
> > > well too). You can build an i586 SMP kernel yourself...
> > 
> > That's correct.  We don't have any functional i586 SMP hardware that
> > I'm aware of either.
> Davej should even if RH doesnt ;)

It's actually pseudo-colo'd in the house of a local Debian bod right now
(I was low on office space, and those folks seem to like such
crazy hardware).

For the curious, this is the dual P90 that Caldera[*] sent Alan
for SMP development. It's incredibly clunky, weighs a ton, and
in comparison to any of todays hardware, is almost painful to use
for anything serious.

It would be fun to get Fedora on that monster some time though.
I thought we were actually churning out i586-smp kernels, but
I just checked and spotted the exclusion in the spec file.
I'll nuke that, and push one out sometime for folks to play with.


[*] The worm it turns...
Dave Jones <davej redhat com>
Red Hat

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