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Re: Self Introduction: Chuck Mead

Chuck Mead wrote:

1. Charles S. Mead
2. Cary, North Carolina, USA
3. Instructor/Examiner
4. Red Hat, Inc., Global Learning Services
5. Goals:

a. since Fedora is what RHEL will be and I have to teach RHEL I want to be involved in the development process as much as time permits.
b. I am interested in init and related issues so I would like to do some things with init when needed.
c. for starters I guess I will work on doing QA with the big pile of packages at fedora.us.

6. History:

I started using Linux in 1993. Have been using Unix for almost 20 years now. I am the founder of MoonGroup.com (an independent consulting firm). Co-founder and past President of the Linux Professional Institute. Former CTO of LinuxMall (OTC: ebiz). Co-founder and leader of the Lunar Linux project (source based distro). Instructor/Examiner employed by Red Hat in the Global Learning Services group.

[csm dawg csm]$ gpg --fingerprint E1F9D56B
pub 1024D/E1F9D56B 2003-02-24 Chuck Mead (Instructor, GLS) <csm redhat com>
Key fingerprint = 662A 9CA3 6709 5538 3F73 0872 65FC B48E E1F9 D56B
sub 1024g/E5600C57 2003-02-24

This is my other key which I like to use when I am at home!

[csm stealth srpms]$ gpg --fingerprint FE7E1807
pub  1024D/FE7E1807 2003-04-23 Chuck Mead <csm lunar-linux org>
    Key fingerprint = 068F D928 F359 3BDC C74C  830E AB76 E7CB FE7E 1807
sub  1024g/EDD2E93D 2003-04-23

This one... my redhat one and one other are all cross signed iirc.

Lunar Project Leader
Disclaimer: "I am not a curmudgeon! No... really..."
Addendum: "Bwahahaha! Fire up the orbital mind-control lasers!"

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