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REQ: Tripwire developers / testers

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Tripwire development has stepped up a gear and gone beyond the "quick fix"

The current pre-release in the QA queue WorksForMe® and the binary distro
looks good, but now there is a growing interest in backporting some other
patches and cleaning up the code.

The biggest fix promises to come in the form of cryptlib patches in the
Deb patch, however this patch cannot be applied "as-is" since:

1) ... It's too Debian-centric, and
2) ... It clashes with Paul Herman's tw-20030919.patch

I'm looking to merge competing patches and generally clean up.

Paul has indicated that (time permitting) he will review his code and
submit an overview of his patch, to be documented and included with the
release. I feel this is important, given the scope of the changes.

Meanwhile, I will begin work on the huge array of patches.

I'm requesting help from anyone with even an hour or two two spare per
week, to get development moving again. My current busy schedule (and my
day job) would make progress painfully slow otherwise.

Thanks in advance,

Keith G. Robertson-Turner
tripwire-devel at genesis-x.nildram.co.uk
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