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fedora naming and google

This might seem trivial but might make a WORLD of difference

Searching for things related to rh on google has always been difficult because 
the response could apply to 5.2, 7.1, 9.0, or any or all version(s).

Searching for information about an OSX release is much easier because of the 
proliferation of the cat names (panther, jaguar, etc) so adding the cat name 
to the google query often returns the right answer.

Since google is such an invaluable tool in maintaining a linux machine I would 
ask you all to consider and discuss using simple names for each fedora 
release, and to refer to the releases by those names and not by version 
numbers so that the practise becomes common enough to be a valuable google 

Names like 
fedora core
fedora quark
fedora proton

(ie simple names from a cohesive list like physics.)

I've installed fedora as my main desktop a few days ago; it's very nice and 
polished, very well done everyone!

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