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Re: I gotta ask this ...

On 26-Nov-2003 Fezzik Giant wrote:
> Thanks Alan!
> Build all the packages: well how, exactly, does one do this? Say I'm at RH9 
> and I want to build the Fedora Core from source. When I build the RPMs then 
> the result will overwrite my RH9 binaries, will it not?

no, it won't. The resultant rpms will be in a .../RPMS directory. Then, as Alan
sorta stated you need to install this. That is done (as someone else stated)
via kickstart. Then re-build all the backages again, to make sure that you are
building against the necessary binaries, etc.  *then* you need to figure out how
to distrubute the packages onto a cd, etc...

> What I'm looking for is a documented sequence of steps, like "Linux From 
> Scratch" that will result in an ISO of Fedora Core. Starting with the source 
> RPMs, of course :)
> As for the Todo list item, is this actively being worked on? Who would I 
> contact to offer my help?
> Fez
>>From: Alan Cox <alan redhat com>
>>Reply-To: fedora-devel-list redhat com
>>To: fedora-devel-list redhat com
>>Subject: Re: I gotta ask this ...
>>Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 17:30:52 -0500
>> > I have seen several posts in the past where someone asks about building
>> > Fedora ISO images. I have yet to see a response.
>> >
>> > Surely _someone_ must know how this is done. Why is there never a 
>> > Is this knowledge a 'secret sauce' that nobody wishes to share?
>>Not really secret sauce. Build all the packages, boot the result, build
>>all the packages again with it, figure out how to fit it all and the 
>>on the CD images and burn.
>>Lots of this is currently done by the Red Hat internal build systems and
>>those are tied to a lot of Red Hat specific baggage you really don't want.
>>An external build system is on the todo list for Fedora
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