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Re: FC2 and general LDAP Support

On Thu, Nov 27, 2003 at 12:16:03AM +0100, Roland Käser wrote:
> Yeah, the idea of using a homegeneous user interface is a good one. 
> Please rememeber the linuxconf tool on earlier redhat version. But is 
> really good tool was removed from the distribution. But why?

Maintainability mostly. There are other problems with a single program
(as opposed to a single user interface) that it had too. There are lots
of ways of hitting many of Linuxconf's goals (eg HTML and tools for
command/gui mode that just wrap web widgets and drive them into the
same backend)

> It is not ment that with an LDAP Server all the users needs to know 
> about LDIF-files, schema files etc. The goal behind it should be that 
> the users doesn't needs to know all about that. They should can 
> administrate the system as it was bevore.

Mechanism and goal are seperable. So lets imagine I'm a random end user
or admin who doesn't know (or care) about stuff like LDAP. Can you concisely
describe why I want the things you see it giving - without reference to the
technology at all.

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