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Re: FC2 and general LDAP Support

On Thu, 2003-11-27 at 03:53, NakedChimp wrote:

> corruption however you are dead on, which has been an issue in the past,
> but I have yet to see a corrupt registry with Win2K and above OS's (not
> that it cant happen, I just haven't seen it).  As far as failure goes,
> it all depends on what you mean.  If you mean the OS just fails to boot
> up because someone misconfigured the Registry, then this is wrong as I
> have dozens of times taken a registry file from one machine and loaded
> it on another, made the change and put it back on the original machine.

Then, there's the problem with the maximum registry size, registry hives
starting to grow but not being compacted, machines being unable to boot
because the registry is bigger than 16MB and Windows won't load it, etc.

I didn't say Windoze Registry didn't work well in most cases. In fact, I
have only had a couple of minor problems with it. The whole idea is
great, but I think the implementation is weak. I prefer GNOME'S GConf
which approaches the same goal just with a different implementation.

> In my opinion as an administrator for a large environment, GConf is a
> blessing.  Some people may not like it, but it beats the pants off of
> any other configuration method I have seen out there, and I for one am
> glad that Havoc brought it to fruition.  I am eagerly awaiting the day
> that I can have GConf use a DB or LDAP instead of just the filesystem,
> that way I can configure all the settings in one central location, like
> Microsoft's Active Directory or Novell's Directory Services.

In fact, this is a great idea. Maybe Novell can devote some developers
to build different GConf engines as you describe.

> Dislike windows if you will, but don't bash things about it that you
> have very little idea on how they work.  And please don't ignore things
> out there because you perceive them to be junk.  Microsoft isn't the
> greatest company out there, but they do have some amazingly smart people
> working for them who have come up with some very good products and ways
> of doing things.

It's a lot of time since I don't work with Windows anymore, and I'm not
bashing it. Having worked with it for more than a decade I think I knew
about it in great detail. I was saying that I didn't like the Registry
implementation, nothing more. Please, don't get me wrong :-)

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