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Re: FC2 and general LDAP Support

Le jeu 27/11/2003 à 00:50, Alan Cox a écrit :
> On Thu, Nov 27, 2003 at 12:16:03AM +0100, Roland Käser wrote:

> > It is not ment that with an LDAP Server all the users needs to know 
> > about LDIF-files, schema files etc. The goal behind it should be that 
> > the users doesn't needs to know all about that. They should can 
> > administrate the system as it was bevore.
> Mechanism and goal are seperable. So lets imagine I'm a random end user
> or admin who doesn't know (or care) about stuff like LDAP. Can you concisely
> describe why I want the things you see it giving - without reference to the
> technology at all.

Easy scalability beyond single-system networks
A contact db that is actually shared between all mail apps, is remotely
accessible and contains every single local user as soon as it's created.
Easier samba integration.
Lots of cool postfix(...) rewriting tricks.
Other people will see other things (like a shared gconf backend...)

The fact is right now openldap is a pig to install/configure but if it
weren't I'm sure an awful lot of people could find a use for it. Just
take every single config file on the system that is a list of something
and you'll probably be better of with a ldap version of it.

(now of course if ldap can not be made light enough for single-user
systems that's a big showstopper).


Nicolas Mailhot

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