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Fedora Core 1 AMD 64 Preview update.

Well, here it is... a preview anyway.  For those of you on the edge of your
seat waiting for an AMD64 version of Fedora Core 1, we present a preview.
ISOs will not be provided for this release, but everything is there for
an install.  It is generally version synced with Fedora Core 1 and the
current updates. Please test it out, and send any questions/complaints/bugs
to me if you would before bugzilla, as this is not an official release of
any caliber yet, just a preview.  I will forward what is necessary to

*	WARNING: This release is a preview, it is not an official Fedora
*	Core 1 Release, this is not an official Fedora Core Test Release.
*	This release may very well cause damage to your data, your system,
*	your pets and loved ones, and most certainly your sleep schedule.
*	There is no guarantee of any type on performance, stability, or
*	your sanity.  Use at your own risk.

Now that the formality is out of the way, the tree is available at:

Enjoy, and let me know.  We will be working diligently in the background to
move closer to a stable Fedora Core system for AMD64.  


- SATA: Some SATA controllers, notably Sil, do not work

- ACPI is not really functional on NForce 3.  Please install and boot with

- Mozilla: both 32-bit and 64-bit mozilla are installed.  This is to meet
  the dependencies of other installed applications.  A system to handle
  user selection at boot time has not been implemented yet.  Current work
  around is to pull /usr/bin/mozilla from the 32-bit package as
  /usr/bin/mozilla32 and 64-bit as mozilla64, then just link your
  preference to /usr/bin/mozilla. The standard plugins do work in Mozilla

- No documentation (release notes, etc) has been updated, and
  fedora-release is still synced with FC1 (IE wrong for preview)

- If you are looking to use this kernel on i686, etc.  I have not updated
  the config files for anything but x86_64 yet.  The kernel should build
  and work fine, but the SRPM will probably complain when 'make oldconfig'
  asks for input.

I am sure I am leaving something out, it is late, and I am eternally short
on sleep, let me know what else you find.


Justin M. Forbes

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