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Self-Introduction: Thorsten Leemhuis

[second attempt, seems the first mail didn't make it to the list]

Full legal name:
	Thorsten Leemhuis

Country, City:
	Hannover, Germany

	Build and QA packages that I use myself that are currently missing and
may (or may not) be usable for others. 

Historical qualifications:
	None appreciable ;-) Okay, some real info: After 10 years I changed
from OS/2 to Red Hat Linux in the beginning of 2000. Good in
bash-programming, some skills in java. Don't know if I ever find enough
time to really learn C or Python. Lot of interest and know-how in Linux
compatible hardware and how to make it work.  

GPG KEYID and fingerprint
pub  1024D/55FB7C4E 2003-11-28 Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora leemhuis info>
  Schl.-Fingerabdruck = BB70 9E3B 9941 B800 006A  54A9 D997 D8BA 55FB
sub  1024g/A587192E 2003-11-28 [verfällt: 2005-11-27]


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