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Re: CPAN RPM archive?

I would urge you all to look at the cpan2rpm and perl-RPM-Specfile at
fedora.us.  Ville Skytta worked hard to modify both packages to output
RHattified spec files that for the most part "proper".  In many cases
fedora.us has simply used auto-generated specs and modified it slightly
to have better descriptions, comments and a changelog.  In some
instances however minor patches are needed to make it properly integrate
in a Red Hat-ish way.


A great many perl packages are currently in Fedora QA.  We need other
qualified perl people to test the functionality and properness of these
packages in order to help get them published sooner.  Some of the
NEEDSWORK keyword problems are examples why it is not only a simple
matter of automatic generation of spec files.

I especially would appreciate comment on this one, where the build works
on RH9 but fails on FC1.

Warren Togami
warren togami com

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