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Re: fstab problem with mount

Le ven 28/11/2003 à 17:29, snookertb a écrit :
> The problem appears to be the second disk that I had connected to 
> transfer files from. It was an old RH9 install which also names the 
> partitions /boot. This label conflict seems to be at the root of the 
> problem.
> Configuration is disk 1 with a new install of FC1 and disk 2 with an old 
> install of rh9. Both disk end up with disk partitions labeled /boot. So 
> when I tried to make a mount on disk 1 of a new partition, to hold the 
> files, and then a mount of the disk 2 / partition, things got flakey.
> IMHO there needs to be a resolution to this or at least a work around 
> put in the docs. I loaded up knoppix and transferred the files then 
> deleted the original disk 2 partitions, reformatted and installed new 
> disk 2 partitions and all is OK.

You should have just relabelled  the old partitions with e2label 

> I got in this fix by trying to do a simple install of a new bigger 
> faster main disk and preserve the old files on the exiting disk. A 
> pretty common upgrade approach if you ask me.

e2label is your friend. When you use labelled fstab it's *your* job to
check there aren't two partitions with the same label on the system.

Anaconda sure needs to expose labels and allow setting them in the
format screen, but that wouldn't have helped you here.


Nicolas Mailhot

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