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Re: Strange bug freezing my laptop

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Julien Olivier wrote:
| Today, I let my laptop running all day long. When I came back, it was
| still working but the hard disk's led was on. All _seemed_ to work as
| normal but going to a virtual console (CTRL-ALT-1), I saw several error
| messages like stating there was an I/O error trying to access /dev/hda3.
| And every app had problems: rhythmbox couldn't play music anymore,
| complaining about missing plugins, evolution couldn't save messages
| because it couldn't write on the hard drive etc... I rebooted my laptop
| and all was OK again...
| Does that sound familiar to anyone ? Should I try appending ide=nodma to
| grub.conf ?

I've seen something similar, when running with a 2.6.0test11 kernel. I
got an I/O error writing the ext3 journal, and after that my root
filesystem was mounted read only, which had a similar effect to what you
saw. I never saw this happen with another kernel version, though.

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Ori Pessach

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