Warren's Package Naming Proposal - Revision 1

Panu Matilainen pmatilai at welho.com
Fri Oct 31 09:53:20 UTC 2003

Quoting Warren Togami <warren at togami.com>:
<huge snip>
Looks good to me. The only thing I don't really like at first sight is
separating disttag with underscore rather than something else but then that's
probably just a matter of getting used to :) Oh and it's anyway cleaner looking
than all the .rh9.0.93.foo type of numberings.

> C-5. Special Case: Kernel modules
> ---------------------------------
> This section needs its own discussion due to changed provides within 
> FC1's kernel, and the fact that older distributions are different.

Hmm, what's changed? Doesn't look that different to me:
Current rawhide kernel:
[pmatilai at linox03 RPMS]$ rpm -qp --provides kernel-smp-2.4.22-1.2115.nptl.i686.rpm
kernel = 2.4.22
kernel-drm = 4.1.0
kernel-drm = 4.2.0
kernel-drm = 4.3.0
kernel-smp = 2.4.22-1.2115.nptl

Latest RHL9 errata kernel:
[pmatilai at linox03 i686]$ rpm -qp --provides kernel-smp-2.4.20-20.9.i686.rpm
kernel = 2.4.20
kernel-drm = 4.1.0
kernel-drm = 4.2.0
kernel-drm =
kernel-drm = 4.3.0
kernel-smp = 2.4.20-20.9

The only change is the dropped module-info provides but that wasn't used by
anything AFAIK, certainly not by the fedora.us kernel-module packages anyway.

That's not to say this topic doesn't deserve a separate discussion of course :)

    - Panu -

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