Menu Editing in Gnome 2.6

Dan Williams dcbw at
Mon Apr 5 18:00:57 UTC 2004


Menu editing is currently possible but disabled in Fedora Core 2.  It
will take a patch to enable it (basically changing a #define from 0 to
1), but there are still some problems and quirks with it.  It doesn't
crash, but some results are unexpected (ie delete something, it pops
back in an odd place sometimes).  I needed to focus on actually getting
the implementation in working order before I could think about tackling
the editing cleanup.  We currently need a FAM replacement before going
further with menu-editing as well.

Furthermore, its not clear that right-clicking on the menus to delete
stuff is the best way to go about it...  There are at least two options,
(1) in-menu editing via contextual menus, and (2) a menu editing
application a la KDE.  There really hasn't been any discussion/
conclusion about which is the best path to take.

FWIW, the menu-editing stuff is currently specific to Fedora, though it
will migrate upstream soon.  Its pulled from a heavily patched version
of's desktop-file-utils VFS backend.


On Mon, 2004-04-05 at 13:10 -0400, Pyroman[FO] wrote:
> I'm using the latest Gnome 2.6 packages as of Saturday (April 3rd).  I 
> tried the standard method of enabling menu editing in Gnome 2.4, by 
> copying the 
> /etc/gnome-vfs-2.0/modules/default-modules.conf.with-menu-editing over 
> the default-modules.conf.  However when I do that everything in the menu 
> disappears, and you still can't edit the menu through applications.  How 
> do you enable menu editing in 2.6?  I was hoping the VFS improvements 
> extended to making the menu editing not crash constantly :)
> Pyroman[FO]
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