Fedora Core on the Alpha

Balint Cristian rezso at rdsor.ro
Wed Aug 11 18:30:24 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 11 August 2004 07:07, Gary Molenkamp wrote:
> On Tue, 10 Aug 2004, Carlos Rodrigues wrote:
> > We have a couple of alpha machines (an AlphaStation XP 1000 and an 
> > AlphaServer ES40) currently running SuSE 8.1 which would be nice to 
> > upgrade. Some time ago I remember reading something about a interest in 
> > porting FC1 to the alpha. Did this end up happening? Is there a FC1/2 
> > alpha port?
	Hi Gary !

	There is an port redy made and ready compiled, now in testing stage, Mike olso work on iso form of the
	We have leaks of a webpage of this progect, and need spare time to do more jobs, 
> > Carlos Rodrigues
> I am also eager for an alpha port and am willing to 'donate' some access 
> to a variety of alphas:
> 	ES40's
> 	ES45's
> 	XP1000's

	Me and Mike are interested because we dont have these "big-irons" especialy to test smp mode.
We  the starter of this port, I start 1 years ago working on it, happy to hear volunteers who can give helpfull hands to this effort do fedora for alphas.

	I am still fighting glibc problem compiling on ev6 [see mysql/php bug reports]  now i try to build a newer one [find spare time for 2 days
sustained hack] but olso need -smp mode to run nptl tests in smp and test smp kernels too.

	If can manage an ssh access, would be very-very nice, we guarantee to be confident with your machine data
	but the only requirement is to install our latest tree on it.

	If can give acces to tree machine we can plan to set up automatized build farm for the daily -devel tree wich take daily fedora devel changes/packages
and compile it, and when fedora freeze the tree we only have to freeze it too, do cleanup workaround version issues if there are severe problems 
and can mark our alpha tree stable and try pack it to iso if it is possible at that given time.
	It is good to do daily compiles because is very easy track down the problems fill out bug reports to projects bugzilla, bugs wich apear in during the timeflow and 
have time to fixttham till the freeze, we can do graphs, automated report via mail or a webpage and just stay relaxed and watch till an bug stop something ;)
	Right now i use distcc to accelerate compile time but is not a clean way build up a tree because somtime debuginfo's paths is screwed
by distcc but i have an poor Miata 500 :(.

	Carlos,Gary,Mike what do you say ?

	Would be nice to imply more people with more force, guys can base to imply on something like this ?

	Of course if this will happen will need voluteers maintainers who maintain eventualy hack up things fix bugs, would be nice 
to see Mike Harris/Richard Henderson [hope is still here on this list] old master gurus in alphas, that imply sometimes in the project
when hit glibc/gcc/binutils/kernel level problems or other trivial issues.

I am still in a vacation untill 23 Aug without any internet connection.

excuse poor english language skils here .....

> to do some porting effort.  I'm also willing to help with porting to the 
> alpha, but I have never build a distro from source, so some pointers would 
> be appreciated. :)
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