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RFC: Fedora Extras shipping ix86 optimized rpms?


Question: Shall Fedora Extras support ix86 optimized packages but
i386-compiled packages rsp. under shall circumstances shall Fedora
Extras support such packages?

Background: Some folks have started to add i686-built application
packages in addition to i386-built packages to Fedora Extras, claiming
these i686-built, "optimized packages" would result into much better
performance of these packages ("up to factor 2").

I'd rather prefer all packages to be built with RH/FC standard rpm
compilation flags (-march=i386 -mcpu=i686; rpmbuild --target=i386),
because this avoids a lot of the complexity and potential breakdowns of
shipping such "optimized packages" and to ship non-i386 packages only
where absolutely inevitable.

I.e. I'd like to Fedora Extras packaging policy to be extended to make
RH/FC's compilation flags mandatory to packages and to allow building
packages for other rpm-targets only in very rare exceptional cases. 

For details of the discussion cf.


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